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Monday, December 19, 2011

Judith Leiber Pure Luxury at Erker's Fine Eyewear in Ladue

Judith Leiber creations are a cut above the competition, incomparable in quality and crafsmanship. The artful eyewear is part of the permanent design collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Metroplitan Museum of Art in New York, The Smithsonian Institute in Washington, The Houston Museum of Fine Arts and the Los Angeles Museum of Art.

Adding to Hollywood's nearly 50 year love affair with the brand, almost every First Lady dating back to 1963 has carried a custom made bag to the US Presdential Inauguration ceremonies. Judith Leiber is truly an ivonic American brand.

Judith Leiber has redefined the accessories category with products that are on the cutting edge of high fashion, while always remaining timeless classics.

Judith Leiber Eyewear available exclusively in St. Louis at Erker's Fine Eyewear. Offering the most luxurious eyewear in St. Louis for over 132 years. Find us online at 314-997-0002

Monday, December 5, 2011

New David Yurman Eyewear for the Holidays

The David Yurman Eyewear Collection is a natural extension of the David Yurman vision and expresses the tiemless artistic sensibility for which the brand is recognized. The collection incorporates the finest optical materials crafted with the utmost detail and combined with the most uniquely iconic David Yurman designs. 18-22 karat gold, signature sterling silver and semi-precious stones have been combined with an exclusive gem-inspired color palette of handmade Italian acetate to create a truly luxurious collection of eyewear.

Collectiions for men and women include both sun and ophthalmic ranges in the exceptional David yurman aesthetic.

Check out the newest David Yurman eyewear and sunwear collection Exclusively in St. Louis at Erkers Fine Eyewear. The most luxurious and special eyewear makes great gifts for the holidays. Stop by Erker's and view the entire collection. Find us online at

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Introducing Monoqool Eyewear

In 2008, MONOQOOL was established north of Copenhagen by two Danes, whose vision was to bring new technology, design, and fashion to the modern eyewear industry. Their mission is to use the best from both worlds: to combine Danish design and an innovative mindset with Japanese craftsmanship and technology. Both owners have a life time experience doing business in both countries and one of them is still living in Japan with the responsibility for manufacturing. The idea behind MONOQOOL was to create something new. The result was two new concepts: the Helix series with its patented signature hinge and the Twins series with a three dimensional effect provided by its inventive double temples.

Right from the beginning of the design process MONOQOOL has been aware that coming up with a concept never seen before in the eyewear business, would be a demanding task. MONOQOOL has therefore been focusing on developing a new concept and a new way of looking at eyewear – a search for a basic idea so strong that it has the potential to become an icon.

Come see this incredible design exclusively in St. Louis at Erker's Fine Eyewear. For over 132 years Erker's continues to offer the greatest eyewear on the planet. Find us in Ladue and Downtown. Check us out online at

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Barton Perreira and Giovanni Ribsi Eyewear Collaboration

Barton Perreira has collaborated with actor Giovanni Ribisi on two pairs of sunglasses, aptly named the Giovanni and the Ribisi. Both frames will retail exclusivelyin St. Louis at Erker's Fine Eyewear.

The Giovanni sunglass has a classically timeless feel. The frame’s zyl embodies sophistication with its eloquent contours and bevels, creating a unique texture to the front surface of the frame. The Giovanni will have a 2012 Delivery.

The Ribisi frame is more retro-inspired and made of hand-crafted Japanese zyl with vintage mineral glass lenses. The color palette consists of classic tortoise and Havana colors, as well as black and champagne. These frames ship in November for a Holiday delivery. Both the Giovanni and Ribisi styles are unisex designs.

Ribisi’s bodies of work include Avatar, Contraband, Gangster Squad Boiler Room, and The Rum Diary. He was also Barton Perreira’sad campaign star in 2010 and 2011. While the actor is a novice to design, he said he’s always had an interest in the field.

“When Barton Perreira approached me about designing these frames, it was something I jumped on,” Ribisi said. “Sunglasses are intimate, especially to one’s individual identity because they sit on the face. It was challenging and I learned a lot, but it was an honor to work with the Barton Perreira team and a company that strives to create excellent product.

”Ribisi worked closely with Barton Perreira’s chief designer Patty Perreira in creating the frames.

“Giovanni has a very clear understanding of design and like myself, he is very much into the details,” said Perreira. “I believe it shows in the sunglass designs we collaborated on. He presented full scale 3-D renderings of the frames, which he createdhimself. Working with him was a delight.

The following are images taken from the lookbook supporting the release and a video with behind the scenes footage of the photo shoot and a short interview with Giovanni.

Come Check out the the enitre collection in St. Louis at Erker's Fine Eyewear in Ladue, give us a call at 314-997-0002 or find us online at

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New David Yurman Eyewear is Here!!!!

David Yurman, America 's premier jewelry and Eyewear designer, is introducing his newest eyewear collection, the collection incorporates signature sterling silver and 18k Gold adornments. Come see the newest styles and colors Found Exclusively at Erker's Fine Eyewear.

Established in 1879 Erker’s Eyewear offers the greatest and most current eyewear in the world combined with exceptional service to help each customer find a perfect frame. Find us in Ladue 314-997-0002 or Downtown 314-241-9410 or check us out at

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Orgreen at Erker's Eyewear

The Sky’s The Limit
MIDO Spring / Summer 2011 Collection

Iconic Danish eyewear designer Ørgreen pushes the boundaries of the possible to bring
you an enticing new selection of styles. Where understated elegance rules over obvious opulence, reflecting an optimistic outlook on life and the world as we know it. Taking the reputation for high tech even higher, watch for sleek sophistication and the chance to signal your supreme sense of aesthetics in carefully crafted materials like Titanium, its high-end sibling Beta Titanium and Acetate, a classic material that makes up the strongest guitar picks and pokers chips. Pushing the envelope even further, introducing a fresh palate of colour schemes,subtleties in finishes and streamlined silhouettes. Seen in a variety of unique looks
destined to last. Heading up our Cut/Airline Series in Titanium is CPH, the acronym of their hometown Copenhagen. The result of their collaboration with the exclusive furniture company Fritz Hansen, CPH features a laser cut of the skyline from Denmark’s capital, echoed in a special edition of Arne Jacobsen Swan chairs. Launched as sunglasses during design week in London last year, the optical version features for the first time two colours on the outside of the frame- a solid coloured front in black and temples in a solid matte silver
colour. Also included are luscious colour combos like neon pink inside dark brown and
powder blue inside white-hot frames. ADMIRAL is all about being in charge. Our largest frame ever, it’s big without being bulky. Ideal for men who are rising up the ranks of corporate relations, enjoy slim lines in muted but bold colours like matte army green inside dark marine blue and matte red inside matt dark blue. Also following the footsteps of CPH, you can find the two toned exterior frame in a solid black front and liquid gunmetal coloured temples. If you’re an Einstein in the making, then BRAINIAC was designed with you in mind. The clever curves on this petite frame altered our own theory of relativity and the result is nothing less than genius. Including a range of unisex duo tones, such as sea green with black, matte black with matte grey and more. Think a bohemian flat in Paris with bookshelves of beatnik poetry. Wearing CREATOR, our chic semi-rimless nylon frames. And voilà - you’re ready to star in your own retro French film noir. Not to be missed are the slightly femme versions with pink on the inside of red frames. Or the version that’s un peu plus homme with petroleum blue inside chestnut brown. Apropos of optimism is AVIATRIX. A tribute to female pilots like Amelia Earhart, who was the first woman to fly solo non-stop across the Atlantic. A wing formation can be perceived in the laser cut along the sides of these lovely frames. Look for light sky blue inside dark blue frames and fuchsia matte inside petroleum, among others. Designed forwomen who set their career sights high.

As its name implies, FLASH is a look back in time. A flashback to the 80’s, when MTV
made its debut and big hair was, well, big. Watch for a soft, slightly rounded unisex style that fits every face in a frame that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Available in nightclub colours like rose inside black and matt bordeaux inside dark blue. Weighing less than a feather in the ultra light Helium line. This season the focus is on CLAUDETTE, a flirty frame in a slightly butterfly, cats eye shape as a delicious detail. Enjoy high gloss colours, such as neon pink inside dark brown and black inside shiny rose for a chic coquette look. On the opposite end of the gender spectrum is MACKENZIE. A full Titanium frame with an Acetate top, for those having a hard time finding a large sized men’s frame- this is as close as you can get to a custom fit. The effect is strength in sheer size alone. Two killer
colours include dark olive green with streaks of black and transparent Havana brown.
Last but not least is the mid-sized unisex frame OZZY. Sporting a street smart look in a classic style you can wear forever. Acetate over a total Titanium frame adds an urban accent to the grey Havana version, appealing to men. And the purple Havana for women.World-leading company in eyewear design, Ørgreen is famous for their inventive
approach to design and innovative colour combinations, utilising over 400 different hues.Designed and developed in Denmark, each frame is handmade in Japan, known and
respected for its high standards and irrefutable quality. Individually crafted with morethan 100 processes, each frame can take up to six months to achieve their penchant for perfection.

Ørgreen Optics is a 100% Danish-owned firm with headquarters in the heart of
Copenhagen. Orgreen can be found in St. Louis exclusively at Erker's Come check out this incredible line.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

See what makes Chrome Hearts so special. Come try them on exclusively in Saint Louis at Erker's Fine Eyewear

Each pair of Chrome Hearts eyeglasses and sunglasses is meticulously crafted using exotic woods, genuine leather, precious metals and gemstones.

The eyewear is hand-finished and assembled and then put through rigorous quality control inspections to ensure a flawless product. The end result is eyewear that you have to see, touch and feel to truly appreciate.

Chrome Heart's distinctive wood temples are manufactured using a special process where seven ultra-thin layers of wood are laminated together producing an extremely strong sheet.

The temples are then cut from the sheet-stock and finished by hand. In the final step, the temples are coated with non-allergenic lacquer and once again polished by hand. The finishing process is repeated six times to ensure the highest quality wood temples. This is the most elaborate finishing process available on the market today.

Once the temples have been finished, Chrome Hearts adds their trademark engravings to the sides of the wood temples. The engraving is done using an ultra-sensitive laser that carves the intricate designs one temple at a time.

Sterling Silver

All of the Chrome Hearts motifs (crosses, fleur de lis, daggers, etc.) are made of cast .925 sterling silver.

These amazing pieces require intricate tooling (made by Chrome Hearts' silversmiths) for each individual model.

The individual parts are cast in rough form, then polished by hand and antiqued one piece at a time. This painstaking process is performed on each of the many small motifs you'll find across the different eyeglass and sunglass lines.

This attention to detail and hand-tooling is what makes each pair of Chrome Hearts a unique and stunning piece of "optical jewelry."


All leather featured on Chrome Hearts eyewear is authentic, hand-stitched Italian leather. Each temple is stitched one piece at a time.


Select Chrome Hearts styles can be customized with diamonds, rubies and other precious stones, creating the ultimate eyewear statement. Based on your specifications, Chrome Hearts master jewelers hand-set each stone into the frame, creating eyewear that is a unique, one-of-a-kind expression of you.
Chrome Hearts Wood Selections

Chrome Hearts uses two types of exotic wood on their eyeglass and sunglass frames: Macassar Ebony and Brazilian Mahogany. Each of these rare and beautiful woods contribute to the distinctive look of Chrome Hearts eyewear.

Macassar Ebony
This deep, rich exotic wood is the rarest and most expensive ebony available. This native African wood is typically used in manufacturing expensive humidors, jewelry and high-end furniture. Ebony is one of the most dense, durable and rare exotic woods available. In fact, Ebony is so dense that it is the only wood that will sink in water. Macassar Ebony is unique in that it's not uniformly black, but rather has beautiful striping. The exceptional qualities of Macassar Ebony make it ideal for eyewear temples.

Brazilian Mahogany
Chrome Hearts uses only Brazilian "Bigleaf" Mahogany -- the highest quality Mahogany available. A rare, tropical hardwood, it takes approximately 60 years for Brazilian Mahogany to mature. Key features of the wood are its beautiful graining and exceptional, golden color. Brazilian Mahogany is also known as "Green Gold" because a single tree can net up to $130,000 in wood.
Chrome Hearts Eyewear Cases

Each pair of Chrome Hearts eyeglasses and sunglasses comes with it's own high-quality Chrome Hearts eyewear case made from hand-tooled Italian leather. The Chrome Hearts eyewear cases are made one-at-a-time in the Chrome Hearts factories by skilled craftspeople who maintain the highest level of quality standards. Depending on the frame, your case will either be black or white leather. All cases come with certificates of authenticity and Chrome Hearts polishing cloths.

Chrome Hearts Eyewear Lenses

Chrome Hearts utilizes only the highest quality CR-39 NXT and polarized lenses (both resin and glass) available. The use of specific lenses is determined based upon careful consideration of your specific optical requirements for the frame in which it's intended. All sun lenses are UV400, providing maximum ocular protection from damaging UV rays. Lenses are available in a wide-range of tints.


Chrome Hearts Eyewear utilizes a combination of Japanese and Italian Zyl in making their handmade plastic styles. Some of the the plastic frames also feature laser etched Chrome Hearts motifs on the temples. The process is performed by a highly-sensitive laser that uses a relief cutting process to etch the intricate Chrome Hearts motifs into the temples.


Chrome Hearts Eyewear is titanium on most metal frames and most trims are in sterling silver.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Erkers in Ladue is Open on Labor Day

Check out Erker's on Labor Day we are open in Ladue. Call us at 314-997-0002 we are open from 10:00-4:00. Let us know you checked out our blog and get $132.00 off your entire purchase of a complete pair of Eyewear.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bevel Specs Uniquely Colorful Eyewear






Monday, August 22, 2011

Erker's Fine Eyewear and the St. Louis Arch!!

On February 12, 1963 construction began on the Saint Louis Arch and it was completed on October 28, 1965. Did you know that Erker's Eyewear is the oldest family owned optical company, in the United States that dates back to 1879!!!

When the St. Louis arch was COMPLETED Erker's Fine Eyewear had been in business for 86 Years!! That's pretty amazing.

If you want to know what that would be in months that would be 1,032 months in business.
and in days that would be 31,390.
In hours 753,360
In minutes 45,201,600
and seconds that would be 2,712,096,000

That's all before the arch was completed.

Did you know Erker's Eyewear has been in business a total of 132 years?
I am sure you are dying to know the rest of the numbers so here they are!!!

that would be 1,584 months,
In days that would be 48,180
In hours that would be 1,156,320
In munites that would be 69,379,200
in seconds that would be 4,162,752,000

and ticking........

If you are looking for a new pair of eyewear come to Erker's and see why we have been able to stand the test of time and speak to one of the Erker's still involved in the business today..

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Derapage Eyewear are Exlusively in St. Louis only at Erker's Fine Eyewear

Technology lets its hair down. DERAPAGE casts off a skin and is born again in color: a Tornado you've not seen before. Tornado TEC is pared down to the bone in its full-loop laminar steel structure and imaginative color schemes. Purple, yellow, orange and two blues definitely "fluo" line the inside of the frame which is still natural steel & brown on the outside.

There are not many frames out there that look this good, and it is only natural that the makers of Derapage pick Erker's Fine Eyewear to exclusively carry Derapage in St. Louis. For Over 131 years Erker's contiues to offer the greatest eyewear in the midwest, with unmatchable customer service and continued support for the life of your eyewear, Erker's offers the most unique eyewear exprience in St. Louis. Come check us out and see the entire collection of Derapage eyewear or try on some of the 5000 different frames we carry in our stores. We are the largest optical store in St. Louis, Find us online at, call us in Ladue at 314-997-0002 or Downtown at 314-241-9410.

Friday, August 5, 2011

This is Revolutionary

PURE Eyewear from Midnight Media Group on Vimeo.

Introducing Pure Eyewear Exclusively at Erkers in Saint Louis

Erkers introduces the most revolutionary rimless frame to the St Louis market, called Pure Eyewear

PUre eyewear brings to market a revolutionary rimless eyewear manufacturing process, one that
offers distinct benefits and advantages to the consumer. PUre eyewear is crafted from a single strand of wire that is threaded through holes in the lenses. There are no screws, hinges or compression mounts to come loose or break off. Simplicity is the hallmark of the collection’s design; some styles do not even have nose pads. More than just a new design for rimless eyewear, PUre defines a totally new approach to eyewear: one characterized by pure and honest design. Now supported by Legacie’s infrastructure and industry expertise, PUre is strategically positioned to widely impact the rimless eyewear market in the United States and Canada. Patents are pending worldwide.

PUre eyewear’s innovative technology features a signature wire made of Xanadium™, a proprietary, high-performance alloy. Xanadium™ has a “friendly memory” and is corrosion and acid resistant. Easier to adjust than titanium, Xanadium™ is a ground-breaking material, new to the optical industry. PUre eyewear is extremely lightweight, well-balanced and comfortable. each style is handmade to ensure the highest quality manufacturing standards. Custom colors are ion-plated in a high temperature vacuum chamber ensuring long-term performance. Featuring futuristic styling, PUre seamlessly melds fashion forward shapes and cutting-edge technology.

For over 131 years Erker's continues to be the leader in carrying the best and most current eyewear in Saint Louis. Stop by today and check out this incredible new eyewear. Make an eye appointment today call us at 314-997-0002 in Ladue or 314-21-9410 for the downtown location.
Find us online at

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Barton Perriera exclusively in St. Louis at Erker's Fine Eyewear

From actor Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Garner, Kelly Osbourne to musical artist, Justin Timberlake, and Snoop Dogg Barton Perriera has created quite the following with a wide range of International stars all wearing their fabulous glasses. This is one of the hottest eyewear companies around and the quality of the frames are surpassed by no one in the industry. Come see why everyone is wearing this line exclusively in St. Louis at Erkers Fine Eyewear. Call today for a private showing. 314-997-0002

Monday, June 6, 2011

Brad Pitt in David Yurman

It is no surprise Brad Pitt has great taste. Here he is spotted wearing a David Yurman classic Aviator.

Come see the enitre collection of David Yurman Eyewear at Erkers Fine Eyewear in Ladue.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Erkers Eyewear Teams up With Ola Styles In New York City

check out some preliminary fashion show pics from the Carlton Hotel (Millesime Restaurant) on 92 Madison Avenue. NY

Erker's Fine Eyewear and Studio Optyx teaming up with Ola Styles unveiling new styles from Mainhattan Eyewear and Derapage Eyewear.

What a great show this was!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy 132nd Birthday Erker's Eyewear


Erker Brothers Optical Company is a family-owned business with a rich St. Louis history, dating back five generations to the company's inception in 1879. Founded by A.P. Erker, the company later incorporated when brother August Erker joined the business. The first optical laboratory west of the Mississippi River, Erker's won optical machinery and equipment awards at the Louisiana Purchase Exhibition, served as the official photographer for the 1904 World's Fair and custom designed the goggles for Charles Lindbergh, used in his historic flight over the Atlantic.

In the years since, the family business was carried on by the descendants of August Erker, first by his son Eugene, who took over circa 1930, followed by grandson Jack Sr., who took the reins in the 1960s, and most recently by great-grandson, Jack Jr.

Early on, Erker's sold everything with a lens, from eye glasses, sunglasses, presciption lenses to cameras, goggles to microscopes. A key element to the company's success has been the ability of its leaders to predict and identify new trends, not just keeping up with the competition, but leading the eyewear industry. Accordingly, throughout the twentieth century, as businesses have become more specialized, Erker's has narrowed its scope as well. True to form, Jack Erker Jr. recognized the great consumer demand for fine eyewear and has been focusing on this latest trend in the St. Louis market.

"Eyewear" is the marriage of form and function, taking traditional glasses beyond practicality and into the realm of fashion accessories. Erker's carries the Midwest's largest selection of top eyewear collections from around the world and carrying frames in every shape and color. While Erker's has long been known for creating signiture images of such notable stars as Fox’s number one sports broadcaster Joe Buck, as well as hometown native rapper Nelly. John Goodman, Will Smith, and Bob Costas are just a few other notable celebrities who chose Erker’s for their eyewear, not to mention the countless number of athletes like Shaquille O’Neal, Mark McGwire and Grant Winstrom.

In 2006 Jack Erker Jr. and his two sons, Jack lll and Tony, set up a wholesale division called Studio Optyx, a design company that manufactures and distributes it's own visions of eyewear. Recently, we have also had the honor of becoming the US distributor for two collections of incredible European eyewear, one an Italian collection called Derapage, check it out at, and the other a German collection called Mainhattan at Incredible collections from two very talented eyewear design teams.

Over the years, Erker’s has worked tirelessly, ensuring customer satisfaction and superb quality of all of its products, whether its the frames, lenses, contact lenses or professional services offered at Erker's Fine Eyewear. It is our ongoing goal to provide this same level of services as we have done now for five generations, and our dream to do it for many generations to come. What other optical company can say that? None.................... We are the oldest optical company in the United States still owned by the decendents of the founding family, and proud to be.

Thank you St. Louis for your support we love offering the coolest glasses in St. Louis come on by to see what we are all about.