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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Introducing Monoqool Eyewear

In 2008, MONOQOOL was established north of Copenhagen by two Danes, whose vision was to bring new technology, design, and fashion to the modern eyewear industry. Their mission is to use the best from both worlds: to combine Danish design and an innovative mindset with Japanese craftsmanship and technology. Both owners have a life time experience doing business in both countries and one of them is still living in Japan with the responsibility for manufacturing. The idea behind MONOQOOL was to create something new. The result was two new concepts: the Helix series with its patented signature hinge and the Twins series with a three dimensional effect provided by its inventive double temples.

Right from the beginning of the design process MONOQOOL has been aware that coming up with a concept never seen before in the eyewear business, would be a demanding task. MONOQOOL has therefore been focusing on developing a new concept and a new way of looking at eyewear – a search for a basic idea so strong that it has the potential to become an icon.

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