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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

See what makes Chrome Hearts so special. Come try them on exclusively in Saint Louis at Erker's Fine Eyewear

Each pair of Chrome Hearts eyeglasses and sunglasses is meticulously crafted using exotic woods, genuine leather, precious metals and gemstones.

The eyewear is hand-finished and assembled and then put through rigorous quality control inspections to ensure a flawless product. The end result is eyewear that you have to see, touch and feel to truly appreciate.

Chrome Heart's distinctive wood temples are manufactured using a special process where seven ultra-thin layers of wood are laminated together producing an extremely strong sheet.

The temples are then cut from the sheet-stock and finished by hand. In the final step, the temples are coated with non-allergenic lacquer and once again polished by hand. The finishing process is repeated six times to ensure the highest quality wood temples. This is the most elaborate finishing process available on the market today.

Once the temples have been finished, Chrome Hearts adds their trademark engravings to the sides of the wood temples. The engraving is done using an ultra-sensitive laser that carves the intricate designs one temple at a time.

Sterling Silver

All of the Chrome Hearts motifs (crosses, fleur de lis, daggers, etc.) are made of cast .925 sterling silver.

These amazing pieces require intricate tooling (made by Chrome Hearts' silversmiths) for each individual model.

The individual parts are cast in rough form, then polished by hand and antiqued one piece at a time. This painstaking process is performed on each of the many small motifs you'll find across the different eyeglass and sunglass lines.

This attention to detail and hand-tooling is what makes each pair of Chrome Hearts a unique and stunning piece of "optical jewelry."


All leather featured on Chrome Hearts eyewear is authentic, hand-stitched Italian leather. Each temple is stitched one piece at a time.


Select Chrome Hearts styles can be customized with diamonds, rubies and other precious stones, creating the ultimate eyewear statement. Based on your specifications, Chrome Hearts master jewelers hand-set each stone into the frame, creating eyewear that is a unique, one-of-a-kind expression of you.
Chrome Hearts Wood Selections

Chrome Hearts uses two types of exotic wood on their eyeglass and sunglass frames: Macassar Ebony and Brazilian Mahogany. Each of these rare and beautiful woods contribute to the distinctive look of Chrome Hearts eyewear.

Macassar Ebony
This deep, rich exotic wood is the rarest and most expensive ebony available. This native African wood is typically used in manufacturing expensive humidors, jewelry and high-end furniture. Ebony is one of the most dense, durable and rare exotic woods available. In fact, Ebony is so dense that it is the only wood that will sink in water. Macassar Ebony is unique in that it's not uniformly black, but rather has beautiful striping. The exceptional qualities of Macassar Ebony make it ideal for eyewear temples.

Brazilian Mahogany
Chrome Hearts uses only Brazilian "Bigleaf" Mahogany -- the highest quality Mahogany available. A rare, tropical hardwood, it takes approximately 60 years for Brazilian Mahogany to mature. Key features of the wood are its beautiful graining and exceptional, golden color. Brazilian Mahogany is also known as "Green Gold" because a single tree can net up to $130,000 in wood.
Chrome Hearts Eyewear Cases

Each pair of Chrome Hearts eyeglasses and sunglasses comes with it's own high-quality Chrome Hearts eyewear case made from hand-tooled Italian leather. The Chrome Hearts eyewear cases are made one-at-a-time in the Chrome Hearts factories by skilled craftspeople who maintain the highest level of quality standards. Depending on the frame, your case will either be black or white leather. All cases come with certificates of authenticity and Chrome Hearts polishing cloths.

Chrome Hearts Eyewear Lenses

Chrome Hearts utilizes only the highest quality CR-39 NXT and polarized lenses (both resin and glass) available. The use of specific lenses is determined based upon careful consideration of your specific optical requirements for the frame in which it's intended. All sun lenses are UV400, providing maximum ocular protection from damaging UV rays. Lenses are available in a wide-range of tints.


Chrome Hearts Eyewear utilizes a combination of Japanese and Italian Zyl in making their handmade plastic styles. Some of the the plastic frames also feature laser etched Chrome Hearts motifs on the temples. The process is performed by a highly-sensitive laser that uses a relief cutting process to etch the intricate Chrome Hearts motifs into the temples.


Chrome Hearts Eyewear is titanium on most metal frames and most trims are in sterling silver.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Erkers in Ladue is Open on Labor Day

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