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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Introducing Frost Eyewear Exclusively at Erker's

The Designs of Frost are shaped by the spirit of the times. They are the optimistic fulfillment of the desire for modern extravagance. Frost Glasses are not an unnoticed accessory, but rather a challenge which accompanies the wearer. Although Frost possess a trademark, you will not find it being directly used by Frost since the glasses come in many different shapes. The sensational effect of each model means more to Frost than an obvious trademark. Marion Frost is the driving force behing the company however you would hardly believe it when lookin at the complete collection. The diversity of the shapes of the models is a true reflection of the diversity of the Frost customers. The range of glasses offers something for everyone with a taste for the unusual. Each Frost frame represents both a new challenge and a continuation of the success of the previous models. Innovative glasses interest Frost more than just experimenting with shapes. Marion Frost is a true stylist among the designers of glasses of her trade. Her designs combine precision and style with static and dynamic elements. They are a carefully controlled interplay of curves and straight lines, often incorporating the conscious aura of an experimental prototype and fuctional dignity . Marion Frost is constantly moving between being inspired by the past and the future on a quickly changing market. From tradition to innovation and from classic designs to quickly changing trends she is at least one side-piece ahead of the others.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Derapage from start to finish.

Check out Derapage from start to finish. This is incredible product made in Italy. Come by Erker's to Check out the entire collection.