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Monday, August 22, 2011

Erker's Fine Eyewear and the St. Louis Arch!!

On February 12, 1963 construction began on the Saint Louis Arch and it was completed on October 28, 1965. Did you know that Erker's Eyewear is the oldest family owned optical company, in the United States that dates back to 1879!!!

When the St. Louis arch was COMPLETED Erker's Fine Eyewear had been in business for 86 Years!! That's pretty amazing.

If you want to know what that would be in months that would be 1,032 months in business.
and in days that would be 31,390.
In hours 753,360
In minutes 45,201,600
and seconds that would be 2,712,096,000

That's all before the arch was completed.

Did you know Erker's Eyewear has been in business a total of 132 years?
I am sure you are dying to know the rest of the numbers so here they are!!!

that would be 1,584 months,
In days that would be 48,180
In hours that would be 1,156,320
In munites that would be 69,379,200
in seconds that would be 4,162,752,000

and ticking........

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