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Friday, August 5, 2011

Introducing Pure Eyewear Exclusively at Erkers in Saint Louis

Erkers introduces the most revolutionary rimless frame to the St Louis market, called Pure Eyewear

PUre eyewear brings to market a revolutionary rimless eyewear manufacturing process, one that
offers distinct benefits and advantages to the consumer. PUre eyewear is crafted from a single strand of wire that is threaded through holes in the lenses. There are no screws, hinges or compression mounts to come loose or break off. Simplicity is the hallmark of the collection’s design; some styles do not even have nose pads. More than just a new design for rimless eyewear, PUre defines a totally new approach to eyewear: one characterized by pure and honest design. Now supported by Legacie’s infrastructure and industry expertise, PUre is strategically positioned to widely impact the rimless eyewear market in the United States and Canada. Patents are pending worldwide.

PUre eyewear’s innovative technology features a signature wire made of Xanadium™, a proprietary, high-performance alloy. Xanadium™ has a “friendly memory” and is corrosion and acid resistant. Easier to adjust than titanium, Xanadium™ is a ground-breaking material, new to the optical industry. PUre eyewear is extremely lightweight, well-balanced and comfortable. each style is handmade to ensure the highest quality manufacturing standards. Custom colors are ion-plated in a high temperature vacuum chamber ensuring long-term performance. Featuring futuristic styling, PUre seamlessly melds fashion forward shapes and cutting-edge technology.

For over 131 years Erker's continues to be the leader in carrying the best and most current eyewear in Saint Louis. Stop by today and check out this incredible new eyewear. Make an eye appointment today call us at 314-997-0002 in Ladue or 314-21-9410 for the downtown location.
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