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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wrapped up in Class, Come See The Chrome Hearts Exclusively at Erker's

Chrome Hearts leaves nothing unfinished and their cases are no exception. Chrome Hearts Leather eywear cases are made one at a time in their factories by skilled craftspeople who maintain the highest material standards.

With meticulous artistry, they carefully create Chrome Hearts exquisite cases using the highest quality Italian leathers and materials available.

The leather used on Chrome Hearts eyewear cases if full grain Italian leather. The most genuine and natural type of leather, full grain is made from the very best raw hides. The hide is not treated considerably, and the thickness is kept fully intact. Since the grain remains in its most natural state, it is tougher and more durable than other types of leathers.

While other vatieties can turn rigid over time, full grain leather develops a patina and actually grows more beautiful over time instead of wearing out.

Come see these works of art excusively at Erkers Fine Eyewear in St. Louis and see what could be so impressive to deserve a home like this. Erker's offers the finest eyewear in St. Louis for over 131 years.

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