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Friday, July 9, 2010

New Chrome Hearts Wood Exclusively at Erker's Fine Eyewear

The first Chrome Hearts collection was released in 2002 after 19 months of intensive design and research. No detail or cost was spared in the development of the collection. The acutely detailed tooling required to produce each piece, in addition to luxurious and rare materials, makes the Chrome Hearts collection one of the most expensive eyewear collections ever produced.

Chrome Hearts wood temples are manufactured using a special process where seven ultra thin layers of wood are cross-grain laminated together producing an extremely strong laminated sheet. The temples are then cut from the sheet stock and finished by hand. In the final step the temples are coated with a non-allergenic lacquer and again polished by hand. The finishing process is repeated six times in order to obtain the high quality seen in all Chrome Hearts wood temples. This is the most extensive process in the market today.

Chrome Hearts uses three types of exotic woods on its frames, Macassar Ebony, Brazilian Mahogany and Albino Madrone. Whether it is the densest, most colorful, smoothest, and strongest Chrome Hearts has choosen an elite group of wood products that is sure to outlast any other product on the market.

In the final stages of the wood process Chrome Hearts uses an ultra-sensitive laser that carves the intricate designs one temple at a time. Chrome Hearts was the first eyewear in the world to feature laser engravings on the sides of wood temples.

Finally the select few of Chrome Hearts are laser engraved with Chrome Hearts designs that are inlaid with black or white mother of pearl. In addition to the mother of pearl inlay, Chrome Hearts also uses a process called "intaglio" where an enamel paste made from mother of pearl is deposited into the tiny laser reliefs, and then polished to a brillant luster, creating a very special and unique effect.

With so many man hours involved in each piece of eyewear it is no wonder what the end result becomes. Truly a work of art in any industry.

Chrome Hearts offers a timeless collection that can only be found in St. Louis at Erker's Fine Eyewear. To get the best in eyewear you have to go to the best retailer in eyewear; and for 131 years in St. Louis it continues to be Erker's. If you are looking for something unique and exotic, Chrome Hearts is sure to stand out from a crowd. Come in to Erker's to see the largest collection of Chrome Hearts in St. Louis or find us online at

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