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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Chrome Hearts Acetate Collection Exclusively at Erker's Fine Eyewear

Chrome Hearts is at the top when it comes to eyewear quality and design. Nothing else comes close when it comes to luxury eyewear and their plastics colletions are no exception.

Chrome Hearts uses a combination of Japanese and Italian zyl-the finest in the world-in making their handmade plastic zyles.

Zyl is stable and lightweight, and it's the most common material used in plastic frames.

It is favored for fashion frames because of its unlimited coloration, layering and pattern options. Chrome Hearts zyl components are tumble polished for 72 hours to attain maximum luster enhancing the beautiful color combinations.

In its final stage Chrome Hearts are then assembled, hand polished and adjusted by hand.

Once finished, the frames are sent off all over the world to elite retailers that are lucky enough carry this incredible collection. It is no wonder that this collection has made Erker's Fine Eyewear the excusive retailer in St. Louis to carry this line. Come in to see the full collection at Erker's in Ladue, find us online at

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