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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wonder Why All The Frames At The Chain Stores Look The Same!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its time to be informed my friends!! If you have ever looked around at optical and think that all the frames look, and feel the same except they have a different logo slapped on them. Well you are not crazy because they are!!!! When you go into to most national chain stores they are owned by one company. This company is called Luxottica. They are the largest optical manufacturer in the world. They own over 5000 locations and sell their brands out of these locations. All of these locations essentially carry the same thing!!! Although the brands make look different the frames are the same quality. Luxottica pays lots of money to license a top brand name. They then take a frame they manufacture by the truck loads and use the brands to make it look like a different product. What they are really doing is using the same frame for many different brands. Do not be fooled!!

You can buy a Prada frame or Stereo flex (luxottica brand) they are the exact same frame except the Prade frame is $350.00 and the Stereo Flex is $100.00. Pretty amazing huh. So in optical you are truly paying for the name. You are not buying quality. Below is a break down of the names and the retail stores Luxottica owns.

They are slowly creating a monopoly in the eyewear business and the consumer hurts with lower quality frames and less design. Just remember before you shop look at other frames that are of true quality and design. Come feel the difference at Erkers in downtown Saint Louis or in Ladue. Find us online at Erker's has been in business for 131 years selling quality frames, there is a reason we do not offer 1 frame that is made by Luxottica in our stores.

Don't be fooled by a name slapped on a frame it does not necessarily mean quality!!

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