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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bevel Trunk Show On Saturday!!!!!!!

If you have been putting off buying glasses well now it's time to pull the trigger. We are having a Bevel Trunk Show this saturday March 27th. Not only have we been the exclusive retailer of bevel in Saint Louis since the line started but we will be showing the entire collection of Bevel Eyewear at our Ladue Location. Not to mention we will be flying in Bevel's celebrity stylist Darrell Sell to join us for this huge event.

Bevel has consistently offered beautiful frames with amazing colors and we are excited to show them on Saturday. Erker's continues to offer the most beautiful and fashionable frames in Saint Louis. Small and large optical stores try and copy what we do at Erker's and a lot of them have come and gone. For 131 years Erker's continues to offer superior service and we carry elite european frames that use the best materials and are made of the highest quality that can not be found any where but at Erker's.
Stop in on Saturday and see what all the talk is about. When someone asks you where you got your glasses you can excitedly respond "ERKERS OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!"

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