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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chrome Hearts 101

Chrome Hearts was established in 1988 by motorcycle enthusiasts Richard and Laurie Lynn Stark. The duo started Chrome Hearts by creating leather riding gear for friends and family. After no time at all, word traveled and the duo found fame. Their product was not only made from true quality leather, but also incorporated sterling silver, 22k gold, platinum, and high quality gemstones. Trademarks such as Fleur-de-lys, floral crosses and daggers are well known and found evermore on their pieces.
Their eyewear exhibits the same quality and attention to detail as does their jewelry and clothing. Chrome Hearts eyewear production can take anywhere from 6-7 months, taking their time perfecting each piece to insure flawless and exquisite design.
Chrome Hearts Eyewear: Eyewear made for those people who appreciate Eyewear.
The Chrome Heart Eyewear line can be found in Chrome Heart stores around the world as well as in exclusive and selective optical shops, such as Erker's Fine Eyewear.

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