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Monday, March 5, 2012

Introducing FRED Eyewear Exclusively at Erker's

FRED is a prestigious, creative jewelry brand and a symbol of magical luxury, liberated from tedious traditions and featuring unmistakably French flair. Just like its creator, Fred Samuel, a passionate man of exceptional encounters.

Manufactured in France, FRED Eyewear offers luxury eyewear plated in both Gold and Platinum for those who want the glamour and sophistication associated with a French Luxury jewelry brand.

Fred Eyewear comes in a multitude of contemporary designs, for a trendy clientele of men and women.

Fred is found Exclusively in St. Louis at Erker's Fine Eyewear. Come check out the entire line and see for yourself what true luxury looks like. Since 1879 Erker's Fine Eyewear has offered the finest eyewear in Saint Louis. Find us online at 314-997-0002 or downtown at 314-241-9410.

Erker's Fine Eyewear
Since 1879

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