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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Randy Jackson wearing VUE DC on the New American Idol

The New American Idol Season 10 kicked off today with a new look, new image, and new judges. The reviews are already out and it seems that the judges are nicer, kinder and a little more gentle to the contestants who are brave enough to try out for the auditions in New Jersey. The show was entertaining as usual but what really stood out for me is the VUE DC frames Randy Jackson was wearing for most of the New Jersey auditions. Looking sharp and put together it looks like Randy Jackson is discovering what Erker's already knows, Vue Dc is a great frame line. Using bold frames and unique shapes Vue Dc has created a line that look great while making a bold statement. Come on by to Erker's to check out the entire Vue Dc frame collection and stay tuned to American Idol to see if Randy can keep up with Erker's on the latest and greatest eyewear trends seen this season. Find us online at

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