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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

When Good Brands Go Bad!!!!

We have a lot of people come in looking for quality eyewear, they are looking for the newest and the greatest eyewear in St. Louis, after all that is why they are coming to Erker's. While they are looking for frames they ask for brands like, Oliver Peoples, Ray Ban and Oakley. All of these brands at one point made the finest eyewear available on earth, Ray Ban introduced the pilot which was an american classic, Oakley was an innovator and created lenses and frames unsurpassed in quality for clarity, strenght and support, and Oliver Peoples offered high end frames that were created using the highest quality materials with a fashion forward sense of style. Erker's use to carry all of these brands, as the brands grew they would be purchased by Lens Crafters which is owned by Luxottica. Luxottica would pay a premium price for the name but the quality would suffer drastically. At Erker's, our customers expect the best and we offer only the best. When the quality of the frames no longer meet our expectations we no longer carry the brand. Be careful when choosing your eyewear you may only be paying for the name. Check out this link to see this company and the brands they own, be informed when you buy your eyewear.
If you want true quality come to Erker's let us show you the difference.

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